Pokemon Go is reviving some of the COVID enhancements it had earlier rolled back


Well, that was fast! This week, Niantic announced that it was bringing back in-game bonuses – such as buddies giving increased numbers of sendable gifts, increased incense spawns, and at least occasional incubator reductions and one-coin supply kits – after having reduced these very features on September 30th, 2020. Niantic has promised to have these last until at least June 2021 and says players will have a one-month warning should the studio decide to change any of this.

With the virus spiking in the US, along with Niantic about to release its biggest update yet while raising the level cap, this seems to make sense both in terms of keeping customers healthy but also providing motivation to keep playing.┬áThe upcoming November 21st Magmar Community Day probably helps too. As we understand it, it pairs well with the 12 Days of Friendship event that’s boosting XP so people can reach end-of-the-year-level-cap exclusives.

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