Skyforge is playable on the newest console generation via cross-generation play


Were you considering picking up a PlayStation 5, but didn’t want to lose your progress in Skyforge? That’s… kind of an odd decision, but hey, we’re glad you’re having that much fun with the game. But you needn’t have worried in the first place, as Skyforge is playable on the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X/S via cross-generational play. Just log in to the game using the same account as you used for the last generation and you can download and go.

On the other hand, maybe you weren’t playing before but want to see how the game performs on this console generation. You’re still in luck, since the game can easily be installed on the new consoles and played just like it was a native piece of software. You’ll need an Xbox Live Gold account on the Microsoft console, but otherwise you’ll be able to just download and go if you’re curious. And hey, part of the fun of a new console is seeing how much better it can make things look, right?


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