Ship of Heroes previews new superhero costume options entering the beta


While the devs of Ship of Heroes are certainly busying themselves with putting mission content together, it doesn’t mean that they’re not keeping an eye on the other important thing: making your character look good. Thus, we have a look at some new costume options.

The preview post shares a look at three overall themed looks: an admiral’s outfit, a bounty hunter ensemble, and some costume pieces inspired by the Red Sigil enemy faction. There are a variety of pieces on display, from chest and legwear to capes and head accessories. Furthermore, the technical notes point out that there are six more costume sets and some new hairstyles in the production pipeline, as well as a system in place to minimize costume clipping — no more hair slicing through collars (hopefully)!

For those with a passion for superheroic fashion, you can either get a look at the preview post for more, or check out the gallery of images we’ve been sent below.

sources: official site, press release
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