Diablo III has opened the unholy doors of Season 22

Sure. That sounds right.

How is it that we are already at the 22nd season for Diablo III? No matter, we need to be killin’, not ponderin’!

The fields of Diablo III will run especially red with the blood of your foes, thanks to the addition of shadow clones. By clicking on a shrine or pylon, players during Season 22 will summon a class clone for a minute to assist with the fight.

Another change this season include adding a fourth slot to Kanai’s Cube. “You will have the option to choose any power for this one, but it won’t stack with powers from other slots,” Blizzard explained.

The studio is bringing back rewards from Season 10 that you may have missed the first time around. There’s also a Book of Cain pet to attain — and yes, that’s an actual book that walks around on legs and holds a staff for some reason.

Source: Diablo III

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IronSalamander8 .

I’ve got 2 friends that are in their own words; ‘Getting the season done as quickly as possible’ which beggars the question, why bother at all? I gave up on these tedious seasons a long time ago, but then never liked D3 as much as D2 in the first place. I did like my witch doctor for awhile, she was the one I played through the campaign with.

Dug From The Earth

Played a bit on friday/sat…. picked the bonespear necro build to start as…

Had planned on trying to complete the entire season journey before SL launch, but after getting the necro set and about to GR 70, I realized I wasnt having much fun with the build (as powerful as it was) so I think im done.