The Daily Grind: Do you organize your houses and inventories in MMOs?


I’ve seen your screenshots and houses and accounts and I know some of you folks are really not into organizing your video game characters’ stuff. Some of y’all literally get an MMO house and throw all your stuff in a pile right on the floor by the door and that’s it. And I actually understand why people wouldn’t bother spending their precious time organizing digital stuff. This is the whole theory behind the tags vs. folders debate, right? It’s easier to just tag something and search for it later if you actually need it than fuss with setting up and filing things into cluttered folders. In games, even in MMOs, I can see why it’d be easier to throw it all into a bag and not worry about it.

But… I can’t do it. Having a messy video game house (or bank vault, or inventory) stresses me out more than spending time cleaning it up. I tend to set my houses and inventories up for my particular gameplay flow. For example, in my Ultima Online houses, I try to reconcile things that look pretty with storage that’s actually accessible. In my SWG Legends homes, I try to create a big space for all of my resources. And in every MMO with a house, I always have a “junk drawer/landing pad” type of container to catch all the random stuff that filters in until I can tackle it. It takes time to think it through and set it up, but it makes playing in the space so much easier afterward. (Oh my god, am I becoming my mother??)

How about you? Do you organize your houses and inventories in MMOs?

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I’m not overly engaged with housing in MMOs, though i will usually get a small home and decorate it modestly but neatly.
Inventory organization is far more important to me.
It simply saves me a lot of time immediately knowing which type of item i will find where.
Yes, there’ll always be one bag/stash for the odd stuff that evades categorizing, but everything else will be neatly stacked and sorted in a sensible way.
I actually enjoy doing that.

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Always, I lke to have an orderly inventory/bank it makes it easier to find things.

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Brazen Bondar

YES! Have to…have to. How can you tell where anything is if you don’t. When I had time to watch MJ’s streams I would almost stroke out when she opened her inventory. I can’t…just can’t live like that. In SWTOR, all my houses have different themes so organization and decoration are really important.


– Houses no (I’m not into the whole ‘player housing’ aspect of any of the MMOs I play.)

– Player character inventory, hell yes. I need to be able to find items and also track crafting mats to see what I’m low on, etc.


I have just given up at this point in even pretending. Whenever I am trying to find something in my pile, I’ll organize it. Otherwise they’re a mess all across the board. Pretty sure my bank in Guild Wars 2 is still fairly nicely sorted only because I quit playing shortly after.


*The pigtails poke up from a massive mountain of pointless items, matts and doodads sudden appearance of a spectacular nature, after opening up the bank window to do an inventory check…*

…do you think I should? :(


I put a lot of thought and time into decorating my houses in a way that best suits my character’s taste. To me that’s another way of personalizing my character and making them unique.

When I want something totally zero stress to do in a game, I’ll go in and fiddle with the decorations.

That’s pretty important to me in a game. Not having a housing option isn’t a deal breaker, but it does make my experience more enjoyable.

Malcolm Swoboda

Mostly… no! My RIFT system fell apart and just became a huge messy warehouse. My SWTOR was a bit organized but I also didn’t do much with it.

IronSalamander8 .

I try to and sometimes the chaos I indulge in gets to me and I have to sort and organize everything sooner or later! This is more a thing for me in games like Minecraft and Creativerse than MMos, but it does affect them too. Eventually you get tired of trying to find the things you need to make an important thing so you have to break down and organize!

Toy Clown

I have to be organized since I have a tendency toward hoarding. There is no worse feeling than hoarding something for a while, only to forget about it, and come across it after I’ve spent the currency to replace it.

Thus, I developed a system with game housing in that I have a junk house, then my main decorated house. In SWG my junk house is literally parked behind my main house and it’s organized with bags all along the walls labeled with what’s inside of them. I adore the feature of labeling and I can’t understand why other MMOs don’t have this! In ESO I use the freebie Psijic Villa, a large structure, to store all the looted and created furniture I don’t have a use for… yet! The current house I’m decorating has an area I’ve decorated around that holds all my crafting machines so others can’t see it when they come for a visit. I’ll remove that area when the bulk of decorating is done and I’m ready to start deco on another house.

Even my bank and inventory space in games is cleaned out often. I usually take a day once or twice a month to clean out space so I can fill it again. Besides, as much as I tend to skip around games, it’s nice to come back to a clean inventory later so it’s less confusing to deal with new stuff.