Path of Exile announces three events for December, plus the winners of a Hideout competition


Just because Path of Exile won’t be releasing patch 3.13 until January to step out of the way for another game’s release doesn’t mean it wouldn’t like you to visit now and again in December. How do we figure? Because there will be three different events over the course of the month. So, you know, maybe play both games. If you want to.

These December events include a week-long Mayhem event on December 4th that adds extreme versions of past League modifiers that change every hour, a week-long Endless Delve starting December 11th that challenges players to dive as deeply as possible into the Azurite Mine, and a three-week-long Heist Flashback event on December 18th that once again brings popular mods from past Leagues back to the game’s areas and changes them hourly. Of course, taking on these events means rewards, including unique weapons for the top five in each Ascendancy class and various goodies for hitting certain level milestones.

As for recent events in Path of Exile, the winners of a Hideout creation contest have been announced, and once again the creativity of the playerbase is on full display. You can check out some of that display in the video below.

sources: press release, official forums (1, 2)

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