Roblox teases a Ready Player Two event starting on December 1

Roblox teases a Ready Player Two event starting on December 1

There’s an event coming to Roblox. Something to do with Ready Player One but not quite. It’s likely going to be in the same vein, anyway, as the teaser image shared by the game’s Twitter has plenty of references to a story that subsumes all references into some sort of slapdash chimera made of fiction.

The upcoming Ready Player Two event, arriving on Tuesday, December 1st, will involve players following clues to “7 portals. 7 games. 7 quests. 7 relics” according to the tweet. There’s not much else to the teaser image beyond that, other than mention that there will be treasure of some sort for those who participate. It’s highly likely that this event will be a follow-up to a Ready Player One event that ran in 2018, which readers will recall didn’t exactly go so well.

In other Roblox news, the game has unveiled a Skinned Meshes feature which will result in better visual fidelity and better looking creations for players to put together. Some of this new visual improvement was already seen in action during the recent Lil Nas X concert, but now many of those features are now on their way to creators’ hands.

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