Ship of Heroes outlines its mission creation process, promises about 40 hours of content for an alt


While the fact that Ship of Heroes is working on missions isn’t anything exactly new, there is a dev blog posted today that takes an extremely close look at how the team approaches mission creation, from the flow of a mission narrative to the steps taken in putting a mission together to a list of some common problems the devs ran in to while making their first few missions.

The newsletter isn’t just flowcharts and dev processes, though. The post also notes community poll feedback regarding how many hours of alt character content should be in at launch, settling on about 40 hours’ worth of content, and mentions plans for future community testing events to find out what mission types players want to see, whether it’s several small missions, group-sized task forces, world boss fights, or complex story missions. Dates and times for these tests, however, weren’t outlined.

sources: press release, official site

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