Blue Protocol shares a couple of sneak peeks at a new region as players share CBT gameplay footage


While we’re still an indeterminate length of time before the in-development MMORPG Blue Protocol makes it to our shores, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep getting looks at how things are going over in Japan. To fit that bill, we start with some new previews from the game’s official Twitter account, which offered a couple of looks at the Salamzart Oasis, a vast desert locale that will be home to some probably unfriendly snake monsters among other threats.

Next, we move to the players’ perspective as the game’s subreddit is awash with footage from the last closed beta test session. Fansite Blue Protocol DB reports that the closed beta test, while initially rocky, was noted as a successful one by the game’s devs, with work on matchmaking errors and other issues now pushing forward. As for footage, we’ve got a video from Frosty Coffee providing a look at a 20-player raid and Asheleez granting a peek at character creation; you can watch those after the cut.

sources: Twitter (1, 2) via, Blue Protocol DB and YouTube (1, 2) via Reddit

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Anthony Clark

Want this to come out in NA so bad.