Dark Age of Camelot is celebrating the harvest for Thanksgiving this year


It’s time for the Harvest Celebration to return to¬†Dark Age of Camelot once more, with the event currently running through December 1st. This means some persistent buffs to RvR while the event is ongoing, which is perhaps less thankful than you might otherwise expect, but it also means recovering lost shipments of food for festival stewards and stopping by the Farmer’s Market while it’s there. So that’s a bit closer to what you’d expect for a harvest festival.

Speaking of RvR, the latest round of Q&A with the development team covers the idea that players can reward more RP total when killed by a group, which could encourage players to group up and overwhelm solo players via the mechanics. The development team confirms that this is an unintended effect and steps are being taken to address this discrepancy. The latest batch of answers generally covers a lot of similar edge cases, like spell duration affecting poisoned weapons; check out the full list of answers for more.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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