Hearthstone’s new Tavern Pass and Give C’thanks bundle light a tinderbox of player outcry


When Hearthstone released its Madness at the Darkmoon Faire update, it brought along with it a number of features, including the Tavern Pass, a battle pass-like reward track. And while most of the update was well-received, the Tavern Pass has been far less so.

The primary uproar is related to earning Gold in-game via the Tavern Pass as well as the XP grind needed to get through later levels; one Redditor even crunched some numbers as a means of illustration. And while Blizzard released a hotfix that adjusted some of the Tavern Pass rewards, it didn’t fix many of the underlying issues and hotfixed rewards that were in later levels of the pass.

The outcry reached a fever pitch during a recent Duel-fest esports tournament, with players flooding the event’s chat with messages of dissent related to the Tavern Pass and at one point soaking the chat in #StopBlizzardGreed.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of outrage surrounding a Give C’thanks bundle, which offers up 20 card packs from the last expansion and two random legendary cards from the current expansion for $20 — which, by the way, is the same cost for the Tavern Pass. These combined matters have set the official Reddit aflame with memes and posts of people announcing their dropping of the title.

sources: Screen Rant, Reddit, Twitch, Blizzard Shop, cheers Schlag!

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Turing fail
Turing fail

Whine all you want, but if you can think of a better way to sustain Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick’s making 319x more than his average employee’s salary, I’d like to hear it.


Compare it to another CEO’s salary. The average employee isn’t a ceo, that’s like saying doctors earn 30 times more than an average hospital employee. Which includes janitors, and if you think they should earn the same your insane.

That doesn’t mean Bobby koticK isn’t an overpaid flesh flap. He is, read how he treated the people at double fine.

Turing fail
Turing fail

No, I don’t think the CEO of a company should make the same salary as the person who cleans their office. And FYI my insanity has entirely different causes…

What I do think is that too many CEOs are overpaid. I also think it’s wrong for executives to be overpaid while some of their employees don’t make a living wage.

IMO, it’s insult to injury when executives are overpaid while not re-investing revenue into the companies they run, resulting in broken games and disappointed players.

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I will add this to the pile of Blizzard shooting themselves in the foot whenever they try to make stuff better.

There are more game modes, the FTP model is more rewarding, the bundles on offer are better value, and the quests are a lot more forgiving in terms of time commitment. In spite of that, Blizzard messed up by releasing more bundles (so cost to buy every bundle has gone up), the new rewards model is less transparent, and they messed up the numbers resulting in the 5% of people who only play lots of constructed getting less gold under the new reward track.

Danny Smith

So after the esports dried up and Overwatch became Blizzards latest sacrifice in THIRSTQUEST is it just in full burn mode to get as much mad dosh as it can before it follows all the other digital card games from its release year into the pit out back?