Square-Enix announces a permanent program allowing employees to work from home

Work on a team.

Like many companies, Square-Enix had to embrace work-from-home options earlier this year to deal with lockdowns across Japan. It appears those programs were considered a resounding success, as the company has announced that it will be launching a flexible work-from-home plan for all employees moving forward as of December, allowing the company’s staff to use a home-based work format for the future. This will lead to more diversity in hiring as well as confer obvious benefits related to travel and pandemic safety.

Square-Enix noted in the announcement that over 80% of employees favored the work-from-home scheme, which the company has now largely adjusted to. What this means for individual games is not yet clear, but it certainly hasn’t slowed the company’s online games down any following the initial growing pains of the transition; Final Fantasy XI is pushing forward with a winter Alter Ego campaign giving players a chance to buy uncommon Trust partners starting on December 1st.


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Turing fail

I’m super fortunate being able to mostly work from home now, but dread the eventuality of being dragged back to my office when the pandemic here is more controlled.

My job tasks are discrete and episodic, with time between waiting for decisions/responses from others. I’m usually quick completing assignments. These factors result in my spending a fair amount of time being bored in the office.

Jeremy Barnes

We’re not planning to go back to the office at work (though we’re still going to have one for people who do want somewhere to go and the occasional company get together.

I think the biggest benefit to me has been time shifting. I’m available for people to ping me, but I can do other things, run errands, etc at more convenient times and then work.

I actually tend to do most of my work in the morning and then play video games during work hours since I need to be available for meetings and to make decisions. It’s been a huge boon to my productivity as well.