Torchlight III previews winter-themed cosmetics and Forged improvements for its upcoming Snow and Steam patch


Snow and steam don’t tend to go together naturally, since steam is gaseous water and snow is frozen water. But they’re colliding in the next Torchlight III patch, and the result is… winter-themed weapons and decorations! Yeah, not just ordinary water. It’s more of a conceptual collision than an actual one as you deck your pets out in seasonal kit and pick up some new seasonal decorations for your fort.

Players are also getting new additional basements added to forts so that you can fit even more useful or just appealing stuff into your living space, as well as getting the option to change up your cosmetics. There’s also new quality of play improvements coming for Forged characters, with some different ability flow and general improvements to make Forged feel more fun to play. The update is currently planned for mid-December; check out the full preview for a more elaborate picture of all the stuff coming down the pipe.

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