Albion Online lays out its schedule and activities for the next season of guild warfare

Saturday is also all right for fighting

Season 11 of Albion Online’s competitive guild warfare is kicking off on December 5th, which means you’d best be prepared to fight for your right of dominance over the land. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to immediately storm every territory, which is why there’s a very elaborate schedule of when various elements of the season go live. Plan ahead to be ready to fight for dominance across the three-month active period.

There are also some additional wrinkles in the game for this particular season, though, so you have more options for scoring. 20v20 Crystal League battles will be active for the season, and castle scoring and distance have also been altered in the Outlands to alter some of the capture and defensive dynamics. Check out the full rundown for all of the details and get your guild ready to start seizing areas early; the whole season lasts until the final bell tolls on March 1st.

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