Warframe has now formally launched on PlayStation 5

Warframe has now formally launched on PlayStation 5

Who had any doubts that Warframe would be among the first to leap onto next-generation consoles? Pretty much nobody, I see.

So for those of you who are enjoying your bright and Stormtrooper-looking PlayStation 5 this holiday weekend, you now have the option to shoot, slice, and dice your way through Digital Extremes’ popular online RPG with your shiny new toy.

“Running at up to 4k resolution and 60 FPS means no detail will escape your eye as you dive right into your next mission! You can also expect improved loading times across the entire game, thanks to the next-generation solid-state drive,” the studio said. “Plus, the addition of the new adaptive triggers feature on the DualSense controller will make each melee weapon swing or trigger pull feel much more impactful.”

Digital Extremes said that PlayStation Plus members can grab a free booster pack with an Obsidian Sedai Syandana, a chunk of currency, and a week of increased affinity and credit accumulation. There’s also the seventh anniversary event going on that also delivers a bundle of goodies for players who grab it by December 2nd.

Source: Warframe

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