Final Fantasy XIV drops a trailer and previews the content of patch 5.4, Futures Rewritten


The next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV is launching on December 8th, just a little under two weeks from today. Unsurprisingly, that also means a new trailer for the patch, which we’ve helpfully included just below if you want a visual glance at things. And there’s a lot in this patch, so if you missed the stream as it happened, you missed a bunch.

Blue Mage is getting not just new spells and a new level cap but a new set of artifact armor. Monk will have a variety of its actions changed now that Greased Lightning is a trait rather than a stacking buff, which also removes the damage increase element. There are new bosses coming along with the new Eden raid including the Cloud of Darkness as she appears in the Dissidia series, new gear, new challenges in Bozja… there’s a lot of stuff, in other words. Check out some Twitter feeds and the special site to get caught up.

Oh, and get ready for the FFXIV announcement showcase happening on February 5th at 8:30 p.m. EST to learn… something. (It’ll be expansion-related, probably.)

Source: Official Site, Twitter (1, 2)

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So was that like a Neo Bahamut or an Eden Bahamut. Hrm.

Malcolm Swoboda

Tonally feels like a start of a partial return to ARR. Which is fine, the story is headed back there (but expanding to importance of a couple newer regions) anyway.