Elite Dangerous hosts an AMA about Odyssey, player numbers, and future adjustment plans


In an effort to open lines of direct communication, the devs of Elite: Dangerous had an AMA on the game’s forums recently, covering practically the entire spectrum of player matters, from the upcoming Odyssey expansion to mechanic changes and nearly everything in between. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Ship interiors for Odyssey, as stated before, won’t be available at launch, but questions regarding the feature came up regardless and were met with a “no further comment” style answer.
  • The third dev diary for Odyssey is expected at some point in December.
  • A player-driven economy is of interest to the devs but is also not something that’s planned for the foreseeable future, owing mostly to the fact that commodities need practical uses.
  • A couple of questions brought up Powerplay, and while the devs are mostly focused on Odyssey, they have stated that changes are coming.
  • There are still no announcements about cross-platform and cross-save features.
  • A beta for Odyssey isn’t scheduled yet, but the devs did state that beta testing is ” very important to the development of [Frontier Developments’] games.” Expect more details later.
  • A number of questions about Raxxla came up, all of which were replied to with [REDACTED] answers. The search continues…
  • Space truckers will have something to look forward to in the new update, they’ll just have to “wait and see” about just what that is.
  • AX combat zones are a feature that, apparently, will be coming back in some manner once the devs have crafted a narrative that explains their return.
  • Since Elite Dangerous arrived to the Epic Games Store, player counts were reportedly higher than the concurrency record set when Fleet Carriers arrived.
  • The problem of grind for material gathering is known by the devs and is not something that is desired, and will be addressed at some point in the future.

Future AMAs are set to happen every Wednesday, so those who perhaps didn’t get an answer to their own burning questions may have future opportunities to do so.

source: official forums (1, 2), thanks to Stuart for the tip!
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