Elite: Dangerous’ latest game balance update ramps up pay for bounties and solo combat missions

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Earlier in the month, Elite: Dangerous announced plans to make a number of balance changes starting with mining. The next step forward in balance is being taken later today, with a focus on bounties and solo combat missions.

Specifically, bounties will see payout increases that are four times as much for the highest paying ones to ten times as much for the lower paying ones. Players are warned that the credit amount displayed on the game’s HUD when destroying a criminal ship won’t reflect these new totals. As for Massacre and Assassination solo missions, those are getting a payout raise too, with pay that will be around twice as many credits as before on average even after economic factors are taken into account.

Next on the balancing docket are payout increases for Combat Bonds and Anti-Xeno combat, which should be arriving at some point before the end of this year. Longer-term, the devs are taking feedback about Powerplay and Anti-Xeno combat to heart and are including them in future adjustment plans, though no timeline for those updates is available.

source: official forums, thanks to StuartGT for the tip!
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