Wolcen team teases first Chronicle, Bloodtrail, with Diablo III-esque seasons


In the months following its release, the developers of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem pursued an aggressive schedule of fixes and balance changes, an initiative dubbed the “Second Dawn,” but since Second Dawn’s completion, they’ve been quiet.

That silence has at last been broken by the announcement that the game’s first Chronicle, Bloodtrail, is coming Soon™. Chronicles are Wolcen‘s answer to the seasons of Diablo III and leagues of Path of Exile, and while the details are yet to be announced, it can be safely assumed that Bloodtrail will follow the familiar model of encouraging people to level new characters to attain seasonal rewards.

To that end, Chronicle characters will be separate from existing “Legacy” characters and unable to group or trade with them, as is standard for such systems.

Unfortunately, aside from that there are few details of how the Chronicle will function or what other updates will be coming to the game when it arrives, and there is also not yet a release date for Bloodtrail, but at least we know progress is being made.

We’ve previously covered Wolcen a fair bit in the Not So Massively column, finding it a bit unoriginal in some areas but otherwise very fun, with special praise given to the build system.


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This game turned out to be such a disappointment, I feel bad about tipping this to Massively OP and to any one that spent money on the game due to the article.

Vanquesse V

This marked the first new twitter post from them since July 29th and even then they couldn’t provide a single piece of new info…