World of Warcraft offers up free character transfers in order to alleviate burgeoning populations

I'm the villain, too?

Unless you’re hiding somewhere in a satellite far removed from the majority of the MMORPG world, you probably know that there are a lot of people playing World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. So many people, in fact, that the devs are offering up some free character transfers in order to address what is being called an “overwhelming” demand.

The free transfer service is being offered to players who are in “high population realms that are experiencing consistent, extended queues.” If your chosen realm fits this bill, you’ll have access to the transfer service by way of the Services section of the Shop at character selection. Of course, there are a few limitations to bear in mind: Players can’t move their characters from one high-population realm to another, transferring characters may take some time especially if multiple players are using the service, and migrations cannot be cancelled and are irreversible. That said, if you’re having some problems just simply getting in to Shadowlands, then those limitations are likely not too important.

As for our own experience with WoW’s latest expansion, you can read the first part of Eliot’s impressions, which covers the expansion’s story and leveling experience.

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