Albion Online explains the big changes coming to PvP with the newest season

Big treasure.

Don’t you love when developers give you a choice? Albion Online has done that with its latest official dispatch, providing a video you can view below or a full text summary of the changes coming to the game’s eleventh PvP season. But the choice also commes in with the new 20v20 battles in the Crystal League, even as there’s a weekly limit on how many points can be earned via league performance. So you can earn plenty of points as an elite competitive group, but you likely can’t win the day through that alone.

That’s not the only change, either. Castles are now a uniform distance from one another, for example, and queues for battles will now allow you to skip overcrowded areas to avoid being stuck waiting outside as potential backup. Players also get a buff for killing a world boss that hopefully encourages standing your ground even if enemy players show up. Check out the full summary (or the video below) to learn the details on all the upcoming mechanical shifts.


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