Ashes of Creation talks about a new island, new lighting, and testing for December and February


The end of November was host to yet another livestream from the devs of Ashes of Creation, which touched on an assortment of topics including the design of cosmetics, work on combat, a look at a big scary dragon, and of course preparing for the pre-alpha testing phases coming in December and February.

To that point, the devs showed off a new island that’s being created for alpha one. This new island is approximately 10 square kilometers, will reportedly take about 30 minutes to travel from one end to the other while mounted, and will feature new creatures and the game’s new lighting tech. During testing, there will be teleport NPCs to help testers quickly get from place to place, but once sea travel is possible, teleportation will be going away. Furthermore, the devs stated work on a stat revamp that will be closer to the game’s final form of stats, which should be available during the February test. And on the subject of testing, things are still on track for AoC’s previously announced testing dates.

The livestream also closed with a variety of player questions about gear loot rules (players will have to self-regulate), flagging for PvP (there is none), and how much will be available solo (not a whole lot). We’ve got the full broadcast embedded below or you can check out the Ashes Post synopsis for more. Ashes has also kicked out its November newsletter, which touches on the recent 24-hour charity livestream, the Harvest’s Dawn cosmetics set, and some feedback and thoughts from players and devs about overgearing/twinking in the game.

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