Skyforge details the improvements to the new player experience coming with the next patch


If you haven’t played Skyforge yet, the developers would like you to do so. Obviously they would also like you to continue playing if you’re already a fan of the game, but the new player experience that’s being rolled out along with the next patch on December 2nd for PC players is focused on, well, new converts to the game. (Console players will need to wait until December 3rd.) Players starting fresh will be treated to an improved and streamlined path leading you to junior godhood, new steps on your path to becoming a divine mouthpiece and all.

There’s also a smoother path from that junior status to interacting with more of the game’s various systems, as well as updates to progression so that players can catch up a bit faster. So while existing fans will probably not have much immediate and personal experience with these improvements, hopefully it will mean more people playing, and that’s more than welcome by long-time fans. Especially as the game is playable on more and more platforms this year.


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Dankey Kang

The only thing that sticks in my mind from that game is the crazy jiggle physics.