Tiny MMO Book of Travels releases a 30-minute gameplay video


Ready to see the pulse-pounding action of a “serene” online world? We hope you’re awake, buckled into a safety harness, and biting down on a mouth guard, because Book of Travels published its very first gameplay video this week. Woo!

OK, maybe it’s a more sedate experience than we were letting on in that misleading first paragraph there. Of course, that’s exactly what we were expecting this this title, and it is really neat to see how this Kickstarter project actually plays.

In the following video, Creative Director Jakob Tuchten walks viewers through Book of Travels’ unique character creation process and into its picture storybook world. Tuchten said that the team hasn’t quite figured out the right balance of players per world but will be fine-tuning it up to and through release.

Book of Travels is on schedule to go into early access in 2021.

Source: YouTube

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Brazen Bondar

I am hopeful for this little game. It takes courage to try and create a system that is new and what they’ve posted seems interesting. Keeping my eyes on it.


This game has been on my radar for a while now, and i’m really happy to see that the development is nearing completion. It’s definitely an unconventional online RPG (they call it TMO RPG – Tiny Multiplayer Online), but i think that’s its main charm.

Really impressed with graphics style and music. I can’t wait to try it out.

2Ton Gamer

The artwork is stunning and I’m sure this will find an audience, but not my cup of tea. I wish it success!

Jon Wax

Serenity now?


I’m excited for this game. It looks like a fun change of pace.

Mike Mike

Depending on how combat will work this looks really interesting.


There is none.