Guild Wars 2 rolls out a PvP class balance patch

About the only thing you can't do is ignore them.

It’s that old adage of MMOs that nobody wants developers to mess with their classes — unless the devs totally buff those classes up even more. So there is always some fear and trepidation when you read through an MMO’s balance pass to see if you’re in for some love, some hate, or some major indifference from the dev team.

That’s what Guild Wars 2’s community is sorting out after yesterday’s sweeping surprise balance patch arrived on the servers. Not every class was impacted by the patch, but several were. Engineers, Revenants, Necromancers, Guardians, Thieves, and Warriors all saw significant changes to their skills — but most all of these were on the PvP and WvW side of the game, leaving most PvE skills alone.

Since most of these changes were nerfs, that’s leaving PvE players wiping off some brow sweat that formed on an initial reading of the notes.

If you need someone to really break it down for you, YouTuber Makluk analyzed the “surprise” patch:

Source: Guild Wars 2
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