Crowfall plans to replace stat-building passive skills with active skills in its next update


Players unfamiliar with Crowfall’s terminology should know that “passive skills” in the game mean they allow players to accrue stats over time whether they play or not and were even needed in some cases to gain access to certain types of content. This, effectively, has meant that players who have been playing longer have access to more power and more content than those who are freshly arriving. However, that dynamic is changing completely, as the next update will replace passive discipline skills with active skills.

The new system will now reward players for engaging in content with gains in statistics that augment a character’s power and actively increase their proficiency. The new system is further demonstrated by a series of slides that showcase how Mining and Necromancy improves over time, increasing several relevant stats and opening up new equipment slots and other features. “The goal is to ensure a level playing field for all who join the battle in Crowfall – regardless of when – and to reward those actively playing,” explains the post.

This new system shift will arrive with the release of Crowfall’s next update, which will also reportedly introduce some performance improvements as well. You can look through the announcement for more, or you can check out a breakdown from YouTuber Crusader W. in the embed below.


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