Final Fantasy XI previews its December version update without any Odyssey content

Sometimes the game hates you trying to understand it.

It says something about this particular year that it’s actually comfortable and refreshing to find something being delayed just because it isn’t quite polished enough for prime time. Yes, it’s sad that the next Final Fantasy XI update will be launching without new Odyssey content, but the reason stated by the team is just that it wasn’t quite refined enough, not due to work-from-home delays or anything beyond simple balance concerns. Heck, the reasoning is so familiar it might almost be nostalgic.

There’s still plenty within the patch just the same, of course. Aside from new Ambuscade content, the second part of the Voracious Resurgence’s second chapter content will be going live, along with the addition of a new alter ego for players to pal around with. Check out the full summation and the plans for the patch ahead of its actual launch; you might not have Odyssey content coming with the patch, but it should still be entertaining.


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