RIFT’s Fae Yule has a few surprises in store for Telara’s faithful, including a new world event


What better present could starved and hungry RIFT players ask for — and receive — than some brand-new content for their neglected MMO? Thanks to the good people over at Ghar Station and their datamining efforts, we know that such a gift is on the way to all good little Guardians and Defiants.

With the upcoming Fae Yule event in testing, players can expect to see new minions, mounts, back cosmetics, achievements, and pets. Better still is the debut of a special world event.

“The big new thing this PTS patch is the reveal of the ‘Incursion of Flame’ world event. Details are still scarce, but it is likely this involves the new floating island in Planetouched Wilds,” The Ghar Station reported. As of right now, there is no date for the patch, although it can be assumed to be coming soon.

For even more RIFT seasonal festivities, the forum is hosting a daily advent calendar, which involves solving clues to discover special in-game items.


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just an FYI: this event is unlikely to arrive during Fae Yule, it is probably going to be content arriving after Fae Yule is completed.