Spellbreak is tying lore to gameplay and arriving to Steam with the Spellstorm update December 15


What are your motivations for playing battle royale? Progression? The chance at victory? Because you’ve hitched your YouTube channel to a single game and you desperately need content to feed the ever-ravening ur-beast known as the Algorithm? With the upcoming Spellstorm update arriving to magic-using battle royale title Spellbreak, the devs at Proletariat are offering up another motivation: story.

“The Hollow Lands is in an ever-changing state of ruin thanks to the Fracture and the resulting Spellstorm. Racing against time, the Order of the Vowbreakers seeks invaluable artifacts that may hold the secret to pushing back the Spellstorm and reclaiming the Hollow Lands. But these artifacts are contested prizes and enemy Vowbreakers are vying to get their devious hands on them.”

This whole narrative deal will play out over the course of 12 weeks via free story-driven quests that are “designed to weave themselves into the core gameplay of Spellbreak.” Players can look forward to new NPCs and changes to the game’s world every week as chapter one unfolds. Players may also look forward to a possible population surge as the new update will also herald Spellbreak’s arrival to Steam.

It’s all due to arrive on Tuesday, December 15th. The game can be wishlisted now for those interested in hopping in on day one, and for those who are brand-spanking new, you can check out our initial impressions of the game as well as impressions of the recently added 9v9 Clash mode.

source: press release

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