Temtem answers questions about early access on PlayStation 5 on December 8

Launch me.

It’s a good thing that Temtem is going into early access on the PlayStation 5 as of December 8th, as that means a chance for more players to enjoy the game. It’s an even better thing that it will feature crossplay with the game’s PC version, so players can hang out with their friends even on separate platforms. That’s just one of the bits of information available in the full FAQ list on the official site explaining what to expect ahead of the early access launch on the console.

One thing you can not expect is character wipes, as everything is planned to carry over for the full launch of 1.0. There are still a lot of plans for what to add during early access, however, including two new islands, more than 60 additional monsters to catch, the hardcore Nuzlocke mode, and various other improvements. Check out the full list of answers to get a clearer image of what’s coming for the game during this test period.


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Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

One thing you can not expect is character wipes

I initially read that as meaning “surprise! There are wipes!” and felt bad for players. So glad I read that wrong, haha.