The Daily Grind: Are you more hopeful about Daybreak after the latest sale?

Tink tink.

There’s a strong sense of cynicism around these parts when it comes to Daybreak, probably due to how frequently Daybreak goes to extreme lengths to Daybreak. But now Daybreak has been acquired by another company, again, and the acquisition seems to have gone off as one big sale even after Daybreak’s last owner went to a lot of trouble to carve the company up into separately salable fragments. This raises a reasonable question: Are you any more hopeful about Daybreak now?

On the one hand, it could be argued that part of the problem Daybreak had was no one in charge and able to make decisions external to the company, and that could change substantially now. On the other hand, it’s not yet altogether clear if this will represent a major day-to-day shift in corporate philosophy, though so far we’ve gotten a detailed dive into the numbers that might actually give us hope. So are you any more hopeful? Less hopeful? About the same?

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