Albion Online adds 20v20 Crystal League battles and adjusts group warfare features in latest update


Crystals are super important in the world of Albion Online, apparently. Or at least, they’re important enough that 40 people will want to fight over them. I bring that up because Crystal Battles are one of the centerpieces of the game’s latest patch, which lets two teams of 20 players duke it out in six different levels of challenge and reward, with level 1 battles simply being knockdown only and higher level battles going full corpse loot.

There’s more news for those who participate in guild warfare or other team battles in this update as well, with a daily limit for Season Points earned in the Crystal League, the ability for players to either join a cluster Smart Queue or skip an overcrowded cluster entirely, and changes to scoring as well as minimum distance for Castles and Castle Outposts. Finally, there are some “massive” increases to Fame for taking on world bosses, and a number of changes to several weapon and armor types. The patch notes have all of the details.

In other Albion Online news, players who experienced a bug where stored items went missing from the Banks at Energy Manipulators in Royal Cities & Hideouts, take heart; as of yesterday, the issue was hotfixed away and missing items were successfully returned to players. We love happy endings.

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