Crowfall’s December ACE Q&A talks up active skills, shows off a new castle, and confirms some VIP benefits


The beginning of December for Crowfall means yet another ACE Q&A livestream video featuring J. Todd Coleman and Thomas the Beard. This month, both directors talked up the overall positive work with 6.200 testing and bug squashing, spent a vast majority of the stream discussing the replacement of passive skills with active ones, and showcased a new castle that’s being added to the Dregs for players to fight over.

Of course, since this is a Q&A, there were a number of questions brought up by players and one of them was about the benefits of VIP membership. Coleman said that the full chart of features hasn’t been pinned down yet, but some benefits have been confirmed, including a free respec and increased bank and vault space. Coleman also promises that more benefits are “cooking up and incoming” while also promising that VIP membership won’t be adding more power.

You can check out the complete broadcast for more information about active skills, the Dregs castle, and other player questions.

source: YouTube

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