Inside Star Citizen discusses the Perseus gunship and a multitool tractor beam


Star Citizen’s shiny new Perseus gunship, which readers will recall debuted at this year’s IAE as a $600 purchasable concept, once again gets a spotlight cast on it during this week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen.

The Perseus, as one would expect with its suite of weapons on-board, is meant to blow up other ships and is designed to be part of fleet defense, sitting somewhere between the long-range torpedo firepower of the Polaris and the fighter defense capabilities of the Hammerhead. The video talks up the Perseus’ design both inside and out, the decision to make it crewed by six players for flexibility, and its various rooms and features.

The video then moves on to talk about a new tractor beam attachment for the multitool arriving in alpha 3.12. As one would expect, the tractor beam effectively lets players use their multitool like a gravity gun, moving physics-enabled objects without using their hands. The feature is best suited for moving cargo crates and other small objects up to 250 kg or about 500 lbs, letting players rotate and shift items to better store them where they need to be. Of course, it’s not all utility — at one point, the video shows someone using the tractor beam to surf on a cargo crate. Tractor beam crate races confirmed?

source: YouTube

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