Temtem raises its price slightly for its PlayStation 5 launch

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If you want to play Temtem on your PlayStation 5, it’s going to cost you a bit more money than before. This is not in and of itself surprising, as the game has been quite up-front about the fact that as more major updates arrive to the game, its price will be going up. What makes it somewhat more surprising is that this is happening without a concurrent major update to the game’s systems.

The rationale, as explained on a short Twitter thread, is that the next major update was originally planned to happen with the PS5 launch. It’s not happening yet, but the price increase is still happening now, with no further price increase when the content update actually does arrive. So the timing on this is a bit more jumbled than expected, but ultimately it should balance out. (The final price has always been planned at right around $45, so this is still just an incremental approach.)

Source: Twitter

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Rodrigo Dias Costa(@rodrigo_dias_costa)
1 year ago

I’m waiting for more islands before returning to it. It’s a nice MMO that’s evolving constantly, so I don’t want to burn up before at least the main campaign is completed.

James Crow(@james_crow)
1 year ago

i played this game before it launch and returned after the launch, as you said the game didn’t got any major update, they also called it MMORPG but its not very true even if you can see other players around.

i’m also following and playing other game called Re-Legends that getting alot of updates before launch and sadly i never saw it mentioned on massivelyop