Final Fantasy XI details its Starlight celebrations starting on December 16

It's the same basic bench.

Final Fantasy XI is planning to celebrate Starlight by going all out as it does every year, and that means there are lots of places for players to participate. Want to bring some smiles around the realm, for example? The application fee for Smilebringer boot camp is waived during the celebration, with seasonal rewards available for those who take part in that content. You can also distribut presents to children within the city, also giving you a chance at seasonal rewards.

And those are hardly the only avenues of seasonal cheer available; there are also minigames to play, hidden gifts out in the field, and chasing down goblins who have stolen some of the gifts. There’s a whole lot of seasonal stuff to do, in other words, and seasonal gear and decorations for your mog house to earn. And there’s only a little time to do all of it, too; the event is running from December 16th until December 31st, so get out there early.


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