Final Fantasy XIV posts its full patch 5.4 notes during 24-hour patch maintenance


We hope you got anything you wanted done in Final Fantasy XIV yesterday because the game is currently undergoing maintenance. In fact, it’ll be undergoing maintenance until December 8th, when players will have a whole new patch to explore from top to bottom. Hopefully you’re a bit mollified by getting the full set of patch notes, which include a variety of new items even if you’ve already extensively read the preliminary notes before now.

For one thing, the full notes include a rundown of all the Monk changes coming along, which make Greased Lightning’s speed increase into a fixed trait rather than a maintained buff and also changes abilities like Tornado Kick into being more direct DPS cooldowns. The full notes also note that Eden’s Promise and Matoya’s Relict accessories both have two materia sockets instead of one, which wasn’t intentional but brings the total materia potential for both closer to what is expected from tomestone gear. Check out the full set of notes for a few other balance changes.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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Ruby Lancer

The extra materia slot on the belts and accessories of the dungeon and Normal Raid tier gear might as well just stay and be the normal thing in the future honestly. The dungeon gear is mostly inconsequential outside of those catching up, and the Normal Raid stuff shouldn’t matter too much now, in theory. The crafted gear they’re releasing is the same ilvl, but with the ability to meld 5 materia total, it should have a higher damage potential.

In short, this note is more to get out ahead of those that would cry foul or be upset over an unannounced change that could have affected the World First race, even if the chances of the gear being good enough for that is rather low. Its possible it could, but its not likely.

Monk damage is going to SPIKE from where it was last tier I think, given all the buffs. All the extra damage on their skills, the fact they can stick to their Fists of Fire for 10% more damage AND have the 20% speed buff from GL4, as well as just all the extra oGCDs they’ll be weaving in… anyone that still says Summoners twist their fingers up to do their things really needs to play Monk, especially now.

The only other thing of note among the combat adjustments (lots of small buffs here and there), is the Scholar things. I get that the things it really needs to fix stuff were basically not going to happen until 6.0 comes out, but what they did here feels almost like they don’t know what to really do to tide things over. The Energy Drain nerf feels like they’re punishing all the Scholars for those that use their Aetherflow stacks SOLELY on that skill, and the nerf won’t change that. And buffing Broil III and Biolysis isn’t changing the fact that Scholar healing feels weaker than the others. I don’t know in full, but it just feels so off.


As someone who plays a monk main in FFXIV, I’m looking forward to actually being able to see what it’s like to use Tornado Kick. I’ve had that off on a side bar that I’ve never used.

The change to form shift is interesting as well. Previously I was just clicking it once every 15 seconds between pulls to maintain full greased lightning stacks.

I’m almost sad that they changed grease lightning in the way they did ask managing to keep it maxed was a source of pride for a lot of monks. It really seems they’ve changed monk play into easy mode now.

Ruby Lancer

Yeah, but at the same time, it was VERY frustrating to lose your Greased Lightning stacks because the mechanics of a fight basically forced it. Ninja, Dragoon, and Black Mage have similar things, but they could also quickly get right back to that potency that they were at while Monk had to build up to it.

Plus, as Yoshi-P stated, this is just fix and adjustments done to tide Monks over until they can get to 6.0. Rather than throw in changes to try and keep things complex for gameplay, it is a better idea to simplify things now so people aren’t scrambling to completely relearn things, especially on day one of a new raid tier.

Vincent Clark

I must be in the small minority that feels that SCH healing is fine. In fact, more than fine. So any DPS buffs are welcome in my book.

Ruby Lancer

Yes and no. Like, its healing numbers might be comparable to White Mage and Astrologian, but its also rather clunky to play, and Seraph comes with the same issues that plagued Summoners with Bahamut back in Stormblood and continues to plauge them with Phoenix now in that some commands, especially on summoning, end up being clipped bad enough that they don’t even actually get used.

Coupled with the nerf to Energy Drain, if there is a gain in DPS here, it’ll potentially be a very small one, in terms of double digits. I’d have to poke around and see what the number crunchers are saying.

Honestly, the things Scholar really needs won’t come in a patch like this, and I do hope the team is looking at what they can do and what needs to be done for the job in 6.0. I love the job, but it just feels so rough to play sometimes.