Last Oasis adds a Poaching Hut and hard maps in its latest update


Let’s say you’re looking for some resources in Last Oasis but aren’t so keen on that whole contributing bonuses to clans that own an oasis thing. Then you’re going to just adore the latest update, which has introduced something called a Poaching Hut.

This new structure will let players reap bonuses from others that are harvesting resources around it much like clan owners of an oasis do, effectively poaching those goodies from the controlling clan. This structure can be placed anywhere in the open world, but players will want to be careful about its location since it’s a generally flimsy construct. Let alone any consequences faced for being found out as a poacher.

The latest update is also introducing hard maps with a slow rollout that started this past Friday in order to facilitate a more fair progression pace. There’s also a number of other fixes, adjustments, and changes noted in the changelog. Furthermore, the update post had another round of answers to player questions about increasing player numbers on a server, even harder maps than hard maps, and the addition of more creatures among other things.

source: Steam
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