PAX hopes to return in 2021 with a full slate of conventions


While it certainly wasn’t the greatest tragedy of 2020, the cancelation of numerous game trade shows and conventions was felt among fans who enjoyed these events for their spectacle and reveals. And while this year is a wash, with most events ditched or taken to virtual only, there is some hope that 2021 will be better.

The organizers behind the Penny Arcade Expo sent out a press release stating their intention to bring back these shows “pending improvement in the global COVID-19 situation.” Their intention is to host PAX East from June 3rd through 6th in Boston, PAX West from September 3rd through 6th in Seattle, and PAX Unplugged from December 10th through 12th in Philadelphia. Information about PAX Australia is coming soon.

“Next year’s shows will only move forward with the support and guidance of local governments and health officials,” the organizers vowed. There are no dates as of yet for when tickets to these events will go on sale.

Source: Press release
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