SEED’s Klang Games disseminates the results of its first community playtest


The colonization MMO SEED has survived its very first community playtest, so naturally the results of that test are fresh on the minds of the developers at Klang Games. It also is the prime subject for the game’s latest video. Because why write your findings and share them in a blog when you can have jump cuts.

All snark aside, the video offers a rundown of how testing was performed and spoke with the devs of a couple of teams that operated the playtest. The test ran for three days, with the first two being single-player onboarding experiences where players had to achieve a set of tasks like make their Seedlings go to sleep and get food, while the third day brought testers together to complete a community goal, albeit with limited interactivity with each other.

Overall, the test went well and received a lot of positive feedback despite a few hiccups like some people not getting to play; about 84% of players met their individual goals. The video further talks about random events that occurred during the playtest, such as one player who was able to build buildings when they were apparently not meant to and some other bugs that came up, how players interacted on the final day, and the overall reception of the game in its current state. You can check out the breakdown in the video after the cut.

source: YouTube
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