Star Citizen Evocati patch notes for 3.12 have been leaked by testers


The latest developer Q&A livestream from Star Citizen is once again talking about spaceships. Which probably is no surprise considering the game celebrated spaceships during its IAE event. That said, there were a number of questions answered regarding currently flyable craft, mostly discussing balancing matters, access points for certain spacecraft, which ships will have medbays in the future, and other little minute details. YouTuber The Noobifier has a good breakdown of the broadcast; we’ve embedded it after the break.

What might be of more interest to players of the game is the fact that patch 3.12 is now in the hands of the Evocati testing group, and almost immediately the latest patch notes have been leaked online. As one might expect, much of the features for patch 3.12 include things talked about in previous video broadcasts, including the new tractor beam attachment, weapon zeroing functions for sniper scopes, refinery decks, and gas clouds.

There are a few other smaller features included as well, such as better indicators of where players can enter ships, a redesign of elevator panels, a new sniper rifle and new LMG, further planetary visual improvements, and another rework of the armistice zones. As of this writing, patch 3.12 EVO is in its delta build.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), Pastebin

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