Star Stable and Habbo Hotel celebrate the winter season with unique events


I’m going to call this the “Habbo and Horsies news update.” Hey, if MMO studios can come up with fun yet low-effort titles for their updates, then so can I. Specifically, both Habbo Hotel and Star Stable are ringing in the winter season with their own unique updates.

In Star Stable, there’s an entire winter village with races, shops, a Yule Tree with presents to collect every day, and magical winter horses like the Heidrun and the returning Brinicle and Fawncy. And the whole thing is introduced to you by a baby Yule Goat NPC for maximum adorable. The winter season runs in-game until January 13th.

As for Habbo Hotel, the game has opened up the Enchanted Winter Forest, with an advent calendar to open every day, a purchasable crafting table and Rune Rocks that can be cracked open to create a host of magical forest creatures, and a number of games and activities to take part in. This event, incidentally, marks the game’s last event on Flash as the title will soon move to a new Unity-based client at the end of the year, starting with an upcoming open beta. Further details on the winter event can be found on the game’s website.

sources: Star STable website, press release, Habbo website
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