Dauntless responds to feedback from the Reforged update, outlines some planned adjustments


When I previewed the Reforged update of Dauntless, one of my first impressions was that we’re not going to really know how effective the game’s changes to progression were going to be until it was in the hands of the wider playerbase. Now that there’s been just under a week since Reforged went live, the devs at Phoenix Labs have had a chance to share some initial reactions as well as some planned changes.

The post opens up with acknowledgment of several bugs like greyed out quests, missing break parts, missing Slayer’s Path XP, and incorrect node costs, as well as plans to clear these bugs away through a combination hotfixes and provided materials or currencies as recompense for problems.

The latter half of the post touches on some of the most common feedback points from players regarding Cores, Rams, and XP. In response, the devs plan to remove Cores from Patrol Chest reward pools while slightly increasing Rams, decrease the time it takes to open Cores, increase Rams rewards from Island Events, bump up the max level on the last couple of islands in order to give high-level players a way to max out their XP gain rate, and improve XP earnings for taking down higher level Behemoths. The devs also recognize that there’s a lot of confusion around Reforged’s new systems, so there will be discussions on how to better explain them.

Most of these adjustments should be arriving in patch 1.5.1, though other changes will come later. For those who want to follow along, the official Reddit post has more specifics.

source: Reddit

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