DC Universe Online asks you to rescue Christmas, one gift at a time


Daybreak Game Company’s number one MMO (we can say that now, we have hard data) doesn’t quite do the holidays like everyone else. Here, the presents have been stolen, and only the world’s best and most powerful superbeings can get them back and save Whoville, er, Metropolis from a glum Christmas morn.

That’s right, Seasons Greedings is back in DC Universe Online for another run. The event is running through January 6th and involves recovering stolen gifts, accomplishing all sorts of incredible feats, and earning cosmetics and base items that totally won’t look weird when you’re wearing them next March.

Daybreak said that this year’s event also comes with a trio of Lantern Corps-themed henchmen uplink devices: “During this year’s Winter event, three new Henchmen Uplink Devices inspired by the Green Lantern Corps, Red Lantern Corps, and Sinestro Corps will have a chance to drop from ANY On Duty mission boss in the game. Who can say humbug to Lantern henchmen?”

Source: DCUO
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