World of Warcraft opens up Castle Nathria with the first season of Shadowlands content

Should or shouldn't?

Blizzard politely hopes that you’ve gotten yourself up to the level cap by this point in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands because you’ve now run out of prep time. The first season of content is now underway with the opening of Castle Nathria in both Normal and Heroic difficulties. You can check out the broad strokes of all the bosses in the raid now if you’re so inclined; players who prefer to go for the highest challenge or would rather just queue will need to wait until next week, when Mythic and the first Raid Finder wing open up.

Of course, there’s more to the season than just the opening of the raid, with PvP and M+ dungeon runs kicking off as well. There’s a full survival guide in video form if you need it as you start chasing a higher item level alongside your continued Covenant storyline and Renown questlines. Hopefully you’re ready for all of it.


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Vinnie travi

I have been playing wow casually on and off for 10 years and this is the first time I am loving it. Really looking forward to this raid..

Danny Smith

Its a strange mirror world we live in where i’m seeing people go “shame its dropping now as i have to hit 5.4 in FFXIV and the Eden raid” instead of the opposite happening like usual.

I mean granted Eden is finishing a year long storyline of FF fan service and Denathrius is maybe the most one note boring villain in WoW since Deathwing but man is it an odd inverse to what i’m used to.

Personally i’m just interested in the Best unholy dk memory off said Lord of Generic moustache twirling but the raid in general just seems to be one of those blizzard “first raids” in an expansion like highmaul that feels just kind of like “we need a raid for the tier!” and doesnt story wise grab my interest very much.

But honestly much as i love the zone i think Revendreth in general is super bland and by the numbers storywise so dont expect anything significant from the raid beyond maybe someone being sent to the maw to be a mawified version in another raid or dungeon.


Who says “shame its dropping now as i have to hit 5.4 in FFXIV and the Eden raid”???? I don’t see that on any posts lol. FF does have a following but most ppl that play it do not play WOW . it is almost as if there were 2 separate markets


There is ALOT of cross over between WoW and FFXIV player bases. Dozens of videos of WoW players play FFXIV for the first time and visa versa. Lots of WoW streamers will check out FFXIV in the WoW downtime and visa versa also.

Yoshida has also stated he would love to do a WoW cross over event if Blizzard was ever up for it. He’s a big WoW fan also. The two games share a lot in common even if they are in completely different graphical markets.