Black Desert launches the Outlaw Zone on mobile, adds Stormbringer Karanda and new moles to PC


It’s another week in Black Desert, which means a couple of the game’s versions have had a few new updates. Most of these updates, as one would expect, are about fighting things, whether it’s new bosses, other players, or a variety of new moles. One of which is named Pudgy Mole. Now you’re just trying to make me feel bad, Black Desert.

For mobile players, the latest update has added Enraged Red Nose to Hadum, kicked off a one year anniversary login event, and introduced the Outlaw Zone feature, which will grant improved field combat XP and Spoils drop rate cooldown but will also feature open PvP when engaged. This new feature will be available to players between now and December 22nd maintenance.

On the PC side, there’s been the addition of the Stormbringer Karanda fight, along with discounts at Patrigio’s shop, a 50% drop rate boost between now and December 22nd, and some free goodies for new and returning players who stay logged in for up to 90 minutes. The latest patch notes provide more details on fighting Stormbringer Karanda, along with details of several new moles that can be spawned with Mole Feed and their rewards, a few class adjustments, and a new twist to the Giant Mudster fight.

I’m sorry, Pudgy Mole, but I need those Black Weapon Stones.

sources: Black Desert mobile site, Black Desert PC site (1, 2)
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