Grim Dawn shows off more new regions and new armor sets arriving in its next update


Trust me, in true Grim Dawn fashion, I was highly tempted to spell “more” as “MOAR” in that headline, but I don’t know that Bree would like that very much. Be that as it may, more is indeed coming to the multiplayer ARPG, specifically even more regions and more armor sets as evidenced by some new preview posts from the devs at Crate Entertainment.

The first preview post shares a further expansion of the game’s land, with 15 all-new regions being added to the Shattered Realm and four new boss arenas in the Shattered Guardian Domains, culminating in what’s being called “[the] largest addition to the Shattered Realm yet.” The second preview post is all about armor sets, promising 12 new Legendary items split across three sets along with a look at all three sets in full. Players should be reminded, though, that the details on these armor pieces are subject to change.

That second preview post, incidentally, is noted as the final update post from the game for this year. However, fans can look forward to another post on Monday, January 11th, where the devs will “welcome in the new year and reflect upon another amazing year for Grim Dawn” as well as likely talk about MOAR. Hah! Got to use it.

source: official forums (1, 2)

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I mean seriously this is the hardest working, most prolific Indie ARPG studio on the market.

No I do not consider the POE guys to be an Indie studio any more, besides aren’t they owned by a larger company?


Meanwhile Wolcen be like.

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The devs keep putting out content. I thought they stopped doing that and they moved on to other games. Good to know.

Dug From The Earth

Dear Crate Entertainment,

Please stop being awesome. You are making most other game developers look bad.

Castagere Shaikura

They really are