Project-V is an upcoming multiplayer online co-op title that blends MOBA and MMO dungeon raid gameplay


First off, no, this isn’t Pearl Abyss’ Project V where the “V” is a Roman numeral; this is Project-V, an upcoming “MOCO” (that’s “multiplayer online co-op”) game that seeks to combine “the teamplay and skill of a MOBA with the adventure of an MMO dungeon raid.”

Project-V comes by way of Vela Games, which includes a number of former League of Legends developers. Gameplay specifics are not exactly available yet, but the game’s website notes that the upcoming title will live somewhere between PvP and PvE. A PCGamesN interview with Vela Games’ CEO Travis George provided a bit more context, with George stating that “gameplay is about playing the game and improving, but set it in a world that has interesting characters, and the world evolves, and things are happening” while also ensuring that the game remains accessible but not dumbed down and provides a sense of personal progression.

“I think the vision for the game is: what can a group of friends just play over and over, feel like we’re getting better at, for a long time, that we care about, and that makes us a little less angry? Or, has the right player dynamics that bring people in from other gaming communities, who might have been worried about a competitive space before, without trying to dumb it down? We all play those games because they’re great. Just, can we make it so that games are a little bit more fun? We all need a little bit more fun and a little bit less anxiety and stress in the things that are supposed to bring us joy.”

As of right now, there are no firm dates for Project-V’s closed alpha, but those who would like to add their name to the potential tester pool can sign up. The game also has a Discord server along with a presence on the usual social media platform suspects.


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That description makes it sound like they’re picking up elements of the Master X Master formula, which is a good thing. There was the makings of a great title there that NC just let die on the vine.

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the upcoming title will live somewhere between PvP and PvE

STAHP! Why does everything need PvP ;__;


Because competitive titles, in general, have been more successful than PvE titles in recent history (that doesn’t mean every one is 100% successful and perfect, either).

If New World manages to come up with a viable end game and can keep it’s audience for a while, talk up it’s success, you might start seeing more PvE focused titles being made again over the next 5 years. If it fails or people quit after a few months and it doesn’t do so well because everyone went to go play the 2021 FF14 or ESO expansion or Burning Crusade Classic (whatever really) then it just shows the market is at saturation.