Sea of Thieves’ Festival of Giving brings a list of seasonal events and the return of gilded voyages


Just because the game is called Sea of Thieves doesn’t mean that the holiday spirit can’t be felt by the pirates of the game. That spirit is felt all throughout the the Festival of Giving, which has kicked off starting today.

The Festival of Giving features a host of new seasonal events.

  • The 12 Deeds of Giving, running between now and January 20th, brings daily challenges that unlock unique items when they’re completed.
  • The fan-favorite Gilded Voyages have returned and can be even more lucrative thanks to a Plundered Presents event that grants bonus Doubloons and unique cosmetic rewards when players hand their found booty to other players to cash in.
  • Black Powder Stashes are also coming back as part of Grogmanay between December 30th and January 20th, which features challenges and several unique rewards up for grabs.
  • There’s even more unique cosmetics available as part of Twitch drops.
  • Finally, everyone who plays Sea of Thieves in December will get a Frozen Horizons Tankard.

As per usual, the update has also added a host of new goodies to the Pirate Emporium store as well, including icy pets, ship cosmetics, and outfits, and the addition of Cannon Flares that add unique visual effects when players fire their cannons. Mercifully, Cannon Flares are part of a couple of the event rewards as well, so don’t think shooting in style is exclusively paywalled.

More information about the Festival of Giving can be found either on the update’s landing page or in the video embed below, while those who want the nitty gritty can look through the patch notes.


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