Temtem has officially rolled into $39.99 early access on the PS5


One of the biggest MMO-ish Kickstarters of 2018 was Temtem, a Pokemon-esque “massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure” (MMCCA?) that pulled in more than half a million dollars in crowdfunds. And unlike so many Kickstarter projects, it didn’t just piss away that money and vanish! No sir. It pushed into alpha last year, and then this year, it hit Steam early access. Full launch is still slated for next year on all the platforms, including the Switch, but in the meantime, Crema Games has officially rolled it out to early access fans on PS5. Yes, that’s PS5, not PS4.

The PlayStation blog has a massive guide for folks just getting started in the game, with notes on all the starting critters, why smoke bombs and balms are your friend, how to keep your pets happy, and how to juggle the stamina system to emerge victorious in battle. Oh, and if you’re wondering, it calls the game a “massively-multiplayer online experience.” MMOE? We give up. Just know that if you are angling to play right now, you’re paying almost $40 for early access.


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It was a huge mistake to cancel the ps4 version i think. It should’ve been a simultaneous ps5/ps4 release.

The game isn’t terrible. The thing that stopped me from playing it heavily is it felt like a slog. I couldn’t take more than what felt like 5 steps with a random encounter. it made some story beats come to a grinding halt where by the time i had gotten to the next story segment, i was so weakened by the random battles, i had to turn around and hope i got less random encounters the next time.


$40 feels extremely overpriced for this game, especially in early access. I foolishly paid €31 for it when it released on Steam and didn’t get a lot of enjoyment out of it. The first two hours or so were pretty exciting, mostly because I was craving a good Pokémon game after Sword and Shield turned out to be rather disappointing. The excitement didn’t last long though due to grindy gameplay, boring story, bland world and, worst of all, unappealing monster design.

I hope another developer will get it right at some point. Pokémon needs a worthy competitor badly.